Dear All,


This is Zhixiao Wang, President of Western Connecticut Chinese Association (WCCA) for 2011-2012. I want to thank you for your generous support to WCCA and active participation in the events organized by WCCA in the past year and look forward to see you all at our future events. I also want to thank Hong Ding, president of WCCA for 2010-2011, all 2010-2011 WCCA operating committee members, and many other volunteers for their extraordinary contributions in the past year.


I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce our 2011-2012 WCCA operating committee members. You may find some of them already your friends and a few others relatively new. Nevertheless, we are all committed to serve the community as best as we can. The 2011-2012 WCCA operating committee members are: Zhixiao Wang (President), Jintao Oyang (Vice President), Ling Chen (Secretary), Yajing Hu (Treasurer), Emily Chen, Zhidong Chen, Wei Dong, Helen Hsu, Hua Li, Tianzhong Long, Yirong Wang, Hao Wang, Xinyi Zeng, Shaoyu Yang.


This year we will continue to bring you the three hallmark events that you enjoy each year, including DuanWu, Mid-Autumn, and New Year¡¯s party. Please mark your calendar that DuanWu festival has been scheduled on Sunday, May 22nd, 3-8PM, at Dickinson park, Newtown. Further details will follow in the next few weeks. Beside those traditional events, we are also exploring opportunities for other activities, including educational seminars/workshops, volunteering opportunities, etc. We would love to hear your ideas.


You can always go to our website: to find WCCA news, upcoming events, and more. Please also feel free to reach out to any of our operating committee members if you have any concerns and suggestions.


Finally, I want to emphasize that WCCA belongs to you, the WCCA members, and will need support from all of you to thrive. The more support we have from you, the better we can fulfill our goal to connect individual members and different organizations together and ultimately serve you better. If our effort can bring you a few more smiles/laughs or help you make a few more friends, we would say happily that we have achieved our goal, which will also be our best reward.


Best regards,


Zhixiao (Jason) Wang

President, 2011-2012

Western Connecticut Chinese Association



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